Nuketown SF on Facebook

Nuketown now has a Facebook page: The goal of this page is two-fold: promote Nuketown, and figure out how to use Facebook pages. As I discussed previously, although I’ve been using social media for years and have 975 followers on my NukeHavoc account, Nuketown was sadly unrepresented.

This created problems with my day job as the goal becomes marketing the college via social media, rather than networking as an individual. I don’t have a lot of experience with tracking social media analytics or setting up a write-once, publish-multiple times mechanic. Getting this setup — first one Twitter, now on Facebook — is an essential part of the redesign.

My immediate goal is to get Twitter publishing to Facebook; I was able to do the opposite, but the Facebook tweets had unnecessary Facebook-specific links baked in. Unfortunately this has proven difficult: while I can get @NuketownSF to post updates to my own timeline, I can’t get it to post to Nuketown’s Facebook page. My best guess is that Facebook’s move to the new timeline view messed up integration between Twitter and Facebook, but I need to do so more research to see if that’s true.

Alternatively I’m also researching social media modules for Drupal that allow me to publish from Nuketown to multiple sources. That would alleviate the need to jump through the Twitter->Facebook hopes, and insure that all of the content begins in Nuketown. This was one of my design goals for the new site, as I want to capture that data rather than have it live on other sites.

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