Nuketown Redesign Blog Updates

As I mentioned in Radio Active #31, this month I will be transitioning Nuketown from its current configuration to a new, Drupal-based content management system and a shiny new layout. To avoid having to maintain two sites while I migrate the database from one to the other, I will not be making any updates to Nuketown for the next week to two weeks.

All will not be quiet however. If you want to track the progress of the migration, please read my Atomic Age blog over on Blogger, which will be updated almost daily. Look there for announcements about the second round of beta tests, screen shots of the latest versions, and quasi-technical rundowns of problems remaining and solved. Comments and feedback via the blog or Nuketown’s own feedback form are welcome and appreciated!

I’ll also update this post with links to the latest announcements on Atomic Age, so you can check back here as well.

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