It’s Alive! Nuketown 7 is in production!

It’s alive! Nuketown 7 is now in production. It’s not quite finished yet — there are a couple of bugs here and there that need to be squashed — but the site has been upgraded to Drupal 7 and it’s running its spiffy new theme. The social media buttons are active and — amazingly — working and we can now post microcontent updates directly from the site to Twitter.

There’s also a bunch of new content — We couldn’t launch the site without making sure I had new stuff for folks to read … and listen to. There’s a new “Off the Bookshelf” column that looks at the novels Existence , Newton’s Wake and Mistborn Book 1: The Final Empire, the first of four blog posts talking about taking your kids to Disney World, and a review of Fantasy Flight Game’s Elder Sign: Omens. The thing I’m most proud of though, is the return of Nuketown Radio Active with Episode 86. The new show talks about the podcast’s hiatus, looks at what I’ve been doing with my gaming life, and speculates on the next three Star Wars movies.

So take a look around the ol’thermonuclear burg and let us know what you think of the new version. Love it, hate it, found a bug … we want to know about it! Email us at

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