HorrorClix Tries to Scare Up a Hit

According to Gaming Report, WizKids is returning to the Clix-mechanic with HorrorClix.
It’s a collectible game in which you control a horde of undead and/or supernatural monsters who are either out to protect or eat innocent bystanders (“protect” them? That reminds me of the great t-shirt with the tagline “Cthulhu Saves … For Later!”).

According to the press release, HorrorClix will be heavily scenario driven, which makes sense given the subject matter, but will fans of superhero smackdowns be able to make the jump to survival horror?

I’ve enjoyed WizKids Clix games, and I’m willing to give this one a try, but I can’t see going hogwild with it, partly because my almost-3-year-old daughter would probably be scared senseless by the werewolves, and partly because my friends and I just aren’t as into miniatures games as we used to be.

Having said that though, I can see how this game — done right — could be a lot of fun. Imagine building a classic Dawn of the Dead/Army of Darkness scenario in which a group of survivors (one of whom just happens to be a vampire … [evil laugh]) attempt to fend of a zombie horde or putting together vampire-vs-werewolf smackdown. Actually, imagining the scenarios isn’t hard, it’s implementing them that would be the challenge, and that will fall to what collectible scheme WizKids implements. If they go with something like the current HeroClix setup, where collecting a complete set fairly easy, then you might be able to come up with some fairly complicated scenarious without spending a fortune.

If it uses one of the rarer schemes, which sends you scurrying to eBay to complete things or requiring you to buy booster upon booster, well, I did that once … and I have no desire to do it again.

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