HeroClix: Cosmic Justice Preview

Fans of DC Comics rejoice: HeroClix: Cosmic Justice is upon us!

The first DC HeroClix expansion has been a long time coming — the initial release, HyperTime, came out in 2002. Since then, we’ve seen three Marvel releases to DC’s one, leaving fans of Superman, Batman, and the rest of the DC crowd to grumble on the sidelines.

That ends on June 25, when the first DC expansion is released. The 96-figure collection is being released in four-figure booster packs. Included in this new expansion are Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Lex Luthor, the Penguin, Batgirl and other characters who didn’t make it into the initial release.

Its legions also pick up a few new tricks taken from the Marvel edition: the super powers Battle Fury, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Regeneration, Running Shot, Stealth and Telekinesis.

Judging from the two promo boosters that WizKids sent me, the new expansion seems to continue the style of the initial DC release: lower figure stats coupled with dials full of super powers.

A good example is Deathstroke, whom I have no doubt will be a staple of many DC teams. His rookie version, weighing in at 40 points, has a somewhat anemic attack value of 8 and a fair defense of 16. but those stats are backed up by Stealth, Energy Explosion, Willpower and Outwit. Those powers make him an excellent counter to the ever-annoying Bat Team, with their Stealth team ability and prodigious amounts of Outwit.

Green Arrow s another nice fig. His experienced version has stealth, incapacitate and the coveted two attack arrows, which will make him an excellent addition to action-stealing teams.

On the weanie army front there’s the Lex Corp Battle Suit. The experienced version is 39 points, but it can fly and has the anti-Superman team ability. No super powers, but those two features should make him useful.

My sample boosters didn’t come with a Green Lantern, but he’s definitely in the set, and he’s going to radically change the strategic landscape of the game. He has the Green Lantern team ability, which allows him to carry up to 7 other figures with him into battle. You think people bitch about

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