Google Calendar integration with iCal, Outlook

One of my goals this fall has been to get my calendars under control, and to do a better job of keeping track of what I’m doing (and where I’m supposed to be doing it). Somedays that works better than others (Monday, in which I forgot my wife had yoga, would be one of the bad days) but all in all I’m making progress. A big reason for this is that I’m syncing my home and work calenders in iCal via Google Calendar. My calendars “live” on Google, but I’m able to add and edit events via iCal thanks to Google CalDAV support. This article explains how to get it working:

The beauty of this is that since it’s all on Google, my wife can log in using her Google account, add events to the home calendar, and see what I’m up to at work. When I have a chance, I want to take things a step further, and get calendar syncing working on her Windows computer via Outlook, which will allow her to do the same thing I’m doing with iCal. Instructions for syncing Google Calendar and Outlook can be found here:

The one problem I had with this (which was my undoing on Monday) was that I can’t set alarms via Google itself; I have to do that in iCal. Now that I know this, I’ve gone in and set an audio reminder in iCal for Sue’s yoga sessions, so with any luck every device I own should now buzz/beep/vibrate to remind me that hey, I should really be heading home.

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