Follow Friday 1/4/2013

It’s been a while since Nuketown ran a “Follow Friday” column for Twitter, but it seemed like a tradition worth restarting. This time around we’ve got geek dads, RPG designers, Mars rover drivers, science fiction publishers, and much more.


  • – Writer. Coder. Geek Dad. Overlord. All-around good guy
  • – Chris Pramas. Founder & president of Green Ronin. Talks game design, gaming, & life. Responded to Dragon Age questions during one of my playtests
  • – Tweets from a guy who drives a rover on Mars. Let’s say that again … ON MARS!
  • – RPG Blogger. Game reviews, playtest reports, and more
  • – Science fiction author, scientist, and speculator on the world that could be


  • – Makers of Battletech, Shadowrun, and Leviathan. Expect lots of updates about company products, releases, and playtests
  • – Speculative fiction publisher. Updates about upcoming releases as well as crossposts from authors
  • – Small-press publisher. Follow for thoughts on writing, crafting, gaming & productivity
  • – Official Twitter account for Dungeons & Dragons. Lots of content, thoughtful questions, quick responses
  • – Twitter feed for the new print magazine, currently tweeting previews of the first issue
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