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The iPad has become an essential tool at my gaming table. I use my iPad 2 to look up rules, randomly generate NPCs, rolling dice, and controlling music on my Mac while my friends use theirs to run digital character sheets. When a critical hit or fumble occurs, I’m rolling up the results on my iPhone 5S.

This page lists the iPad RPG Tools and iPhone RPG Tools that we use at our table. I’m looking for suggestions to add to this list; send your suggestions to

Character Sheets

Character Folio [IPad]

A iPad app that supports Savage Worlds and d20 3.75 and allows you to add custom equipment, feats, and character portraits. It allows portrait and landscape views.

Summoner [iPhone/iPad]

This is a niche product to be sure: a quick reference tool for clerics, druids, and wizards who summon a lot of monsters.

Generic Utilities

iTunes Remote [iPhone/iPad]

An app that lets you remotely control iTunes on your Mac. Perfect for queuing up songs or firing off playlists during your game.

GoodReader for iPhone [IPhone] GoodReader for iPad [iPad]

My go-to PDF reader on the iPad. It does a good job of rendering PDFs — I’ve had a few issues with Savage Worlds rule books, but those have been the exception and not the rule. The iPhone version will reflow PDFs for the smaller display; both versions support bookmarking, annotations, and sticky notes. I use GoodReader extensively during my game for running modules or as a quick rules reference.

Dice and Random Generators

Dicenomicon [iPhone/iPad]



Mach Dice

Star Wars Dice Roller

Warhammer Fantasy Dice Roller

Gamemaster Aids

World Builder

Initiative Tracker

Map Utilities

Dungeon Mapp


RPG Cartographer


d20 Modern




SRD Spellbook

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