Blogworthy: Coffee Naps, Spocking Currency, Western Oerik, Dragonfly on Titan

Scientists Agree: Coffee Naps Are Better Than Coffee or Naps Alone: Drink some coffee. Take a 20-minute nap. Wake up feeling more refreshed than ever.

Bank Of Canada Urges ‘Star Trek’ Fans To Stop ‘Spocking’ Their Fivers: People keep transforming Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Canada’s seventh prime minister, into Star Trek’s Spock in honor of the late Leonard Nimoy.

Western Oerik and “that map”: Originally revealed as an untitled region in 1980 Greyhawk Folio, western Oerik (the main continent in the World of Greyhawk setting) received an official expansion and labels with a two-page spread in Dragon Magazine Annual #1. It got a further expansion when the Chainmail miniatures game was set in the region.

Making Mars Habitable: Researchers Propose a Localized Alternative to Terraforming: This post at Interesting Engineering looks at using silica aerogel to transform regions of the Red Planet into human-habitable oases.

Oerth Journal 29: The latest issue of the World of Greyhawk fanzine is all about “Folks”. It includes 30 new non-player characters including “Folks of Saltmarsh”, “NPCs of the Free City of Greyhawk”, and “Freeswords of Greyhawk ”

Flying on Saturn’s moon Titan: What we could discover with NASA’s new Dragonfly mission: NASA is sending a drone to Titan in 2026, arriving in 2034. This article talks about the unique methane-based hydrosphere of the moon and the possibility of finding life there.

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