216 lbs: Back to the Gym

It’s been about a year since I blogged anything about my attempts at geek fitness. Not because I haven’t been doing anything … but because I haven’t been doing it consistently. I’ve been going to the gym periodically, but but nothing like the regular 4-5 days a week I was doing it a year ago.

The results show. Last year at this time I was 208 lbs, right now I’m weighing in at 216. I can blame a summer of hard work (mostly the computer kind unfortunately) for a lot of this; in fact, I’d be willing to bet I put on 4 lbs. in July and August alone.  So with the summer crush over, and the start-of-semester one abating, I’m doing my best to get back to the gym.

It’s been slow going — I’ve been averaging about three sessions a week, four if I’m lucky, but I figure it’s better to go some days than no days. I also want to get back to swimming two days a week. It’s my favorite form of exercise, and since I do it in the middle of the day I don’t have to worry about work crushing that time out of existence when some crisis unfolds at 4:55 p.m.

My immediate goal is to get back to something resembling consistency, and then focus on losing those eight extra pounds (and a few more beyond that).

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