Thirty for Thirty

I have a goal for April: update Nuketown 30 times in 30 days, with at least three updates a week that are blog posts and four that are microcontent.

What I’d really like is to do a blog post, review, or column every day of the month, but there’s no way that’s happening. My wife is coaching softball, I’m coaching baseball, and I’m ramping up for a major redesign at work. Oh, and I’m the executor for my grandfather’s estate.

So why update at all? Mostly because it’s my thing. I enjoy writing. I like geeking out about the books I’m reading and the games I’m playing, and I don’t get to do that nearly as much as I used to.

At the end of a long day of well, everything, it’s all too easy to crash on the couch, have a beer, watch some TV, and call that relaxing. Never mind that my brain has this itch I can’t seem to scratch, which leads to my infamous bifurcated insomnia, which leads to the sort of heavy exhaustion that sleep can’t touch.

I don’t know that it’s intuitive that doing more helps you sleep better, but in my case I suspect it’s true. We’ll see.

There’s also Nuketown itself. The ol’thermonuclear burg is smoldering. Traffic has dropped below 100 unique visits a day, which is a sad thing to see when I think back to when five to six times that much was the norm. I haven’t done a podcast in over a year, and that’s another itch that badly needs to be scratched.

So I’m going to start writing. With perseverance — I won’t say luck because luck doesn’t get get the words on the page — I’ll keep writing.

Fortunately after a month away from the site I have plenty to write about. This month you can look forward to the return of the Off the Bookshelf and Top of the Pile columns, movie and game reviews, thoughts on RPGs, and much more.

See you tomorrow!

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