Radio Active #82: Invasion of the Mario Brothers

Radio Active PodcastOn this episode of Radio Active, StarGirl takes up soccer, NeutronLad becomes a preschooler, and I stop by The Tome podcast to geek out about the Eberron Campaign Guide.

Back at Nuketown, I talk about my new Nintendo DS Lite and some of the games I’ve picked up for it, learn how to make my own Star Wars crawl and surf through thousands of government regulations at

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Show Notes

  • Nuketown News
    • She shoots, she scores!

      • StarGirl’s started soccer, which is slowly growing on her. She doesn’t like it as much as softball; she says there’s to much running, and I don’t think she gets the “charge the ball” aspect of soccer. But she’s trying.
    • NeutronLad in preschool

      • Our little boy’s going to preschool three days a week. He’s excited; there are a lot more trucks in preschool. 🙂 We’re also meeting a whole new bunch of parents, which is interesting. Only a matter of time until he starts asking to hang out with his new friends.
    • My Gaming Life
      • Halo ODST
        • 6-7 hour campaign, new firefight mode, and a bunch of maps (including 3 new ones).
        • Worth it for me, and I think worth it for my gaming group. It was nice to actually finish a game for once.
        • Buy it from
      • Borderlands
        • A Diablo-like first-person shooter with an awesome multiplayer mode. Great for people who love Left4Dead, but want to pick from an infinity of weapons.
        • Buy it from
      • Dragon Age: Origins
        • Bioware’s new dark fantasy. Picture The Lord of the Rings drenched in blood, but what really makes this game isn’t the gore – it’s the story.
        • Buy it from
      • Eberron Campaign Guide reviews
      • No more Sci Fi Wire game reviews
        • They’ve moved game reviews to Fidgit; not sure if/when I’ll start writing again. Looking forward to a break.
  • Promo: Accidental Survivors
  • Netheads
  • Promo: Yog Radio
  • Review: Nintendo DS Revisited
    • I’ve got a spiffy new red & black Nintendo DS Lite … and new games:
      • Scribblenauts: This game gives you a goal; you create the tools to achieve it. Write about an object — any object — and it gets inserted into the game. Use candles to light fires (or flamethrowers), summon Great Cthulhu to smite your enemies, freeze enemies into icecubes with freeze rays, etc.
      • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars: A top down, faux 3D game that’s a throw back to GTA 2. Extensive drug trading minigame (hey, it’s GTA right?) is thrawted by police who chase you after minor fender benders.
      • Picross: A picture-based crossword — you have a grid, and numbers in each column and row tell you how many squares in that grid are filled in.
      • New Super Mario Brothers: Classic side-scrolling action harkening back to Super Mario Brothers 3, with a surprisingly fun battle mode. One of StarGirl’s and NeutronLad’s favorites. In fact, their nuts about all things Mario.
  • Outro
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