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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Spawn of the Geek Tree

by Ken Newquist / December 23, 2007

 Spawn of the Geek Tree The Geek Tree has spawned. With my 18-month-old son Luke obsessed with putting almost everything he finds in his mouth, we decided that hanging up my various mini (and easily swallowed) ornaments wasn't a good idea. At the same time, my parents discovered my old Christmas tree from high school, a 18" tree that I used to setup in my room.

A string of white lights later, and the Spawn of the Geek Tree was born.

Like the Geek Tree, the mini-Geek Tree is decorated with a variety of science fiction and comic book ornaments (no fantasy ones though -- I didn't have any small enough for this tree; even the hobbits are out of scale). It's decorated with Hallmark's miniature Star Trek ornaments (the Enterprise-E, Defiant and Voyager) as well as their Star Wars collection (Imperial AT-AT, TIE Fighter and X-Wing).

It also has a small collection of Ewoks and Jedi Masters (led by Yoda) and a handful of Spiderman figures (and the villains who oppose him, namely Doc Octopus and Green Goblin). Rounding out the tree are a handful of silver-painted Micromachines Star Wars vehicles that my wife got me for my birthday about a decade ago; I added them to the tree using some carefully bent tree hooks.

Battling around its base are a number of red and blue Spartans from the Halo Action Clix game, as well as a LEGO chicken walker. The whole thing is setup in my office at work, and I expect I'll leave it up until sometime in mid-January.

View a full-size picture of the Spawn of the Geek tree on my Flickr page.

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Excellent. I'm always looking for alternative geek trees. :)

If my tree were large enough, I have a full-size Darth Vader mask I could use as a tree topper (perhaps with Santa hat?) but it'll be quite a few years before the tree reaches that size.

He actually makes a great tree. Darth is naturally, well, Christmas tree shaped. As is his helmet so you're in luck! Of course, hanging ornaments on him is more like taping ornaments on him but he still lights up a room! But be forewarned- many die-hard SW fans will find it sacrilege. ;-)