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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG


Exonauts / May 4, 2014

An excellent collection of geeky and RPG centric Pinterest boards including classic science fiction, Gamma World, cybertech, star charts and fantasy maps, and much more. It's great inspiration for gamers.

Macintouch / Apr 15, 2014

Got a problem with your Mac? Can't figure out that hardware snafu or software bug? Then head over to this site, where the best Mac minds on the net are probably already hard at work trying to figure out the problem. It also provides news about new and updated products for the platform.

Quent Cordair Fine Art / Apr 13, 2014

This Californian art gallery prides itself on offering the best in Romantic Realism. The artwork featured here -- typically paintings and sculptures -- capture a rapturous sense of life as it could and should be lived. Ayn Rand would have loved it.

Featured artists include

My favorite piece there is easily Larson's Heroes, which depicts a father and son watching a Saturn V lift off. Urban Legends and Folklore / Apr 12, 2014

A comprehensive guide to hoaxes and urban legends, presented by Includes debunkings of hoaxes, urban legends, chain letters, scare mails.

Planet Map Generator / Jan 26, 2014

A quick-and-easy tool for generating planetary maps. It gives you different color schemes (Mars, burrows, yellow, olsson) and projections (mercator, stereographic, icosahedral, etc.) You can add contour lines, adjust the color by latitude, and drop on a grid. If you need a new world now, this tool is for you.

Yog-Sothoth Wiki / Apr 24, 2013

The Yog-Sothoth Wiki is your source to learn about any and all Cthulhu Mythos source books. It covers the classic Call of Cthulhu RPG, but also branches into newer mythos inspired games like Trail of Cthulhu and CthulhuTech. There are entries for hundreds of game supplements, each including essential stats like setting, publisher, and author.

Star Wars: Edition Saga RPG Index / Apr 17, 2013

The most comprehensive index available for Star Wars: Saga Edition. It covers the core rules as well as the 13 expansions, breaking down feats, talents, species, equipment, prestige classes, and much more. I had the site up continuously when I was running my Star Wars: Shadows of the Force campaign. Membership with the site gets you access to a character generator and planet generator.

Omni Magazine Collection / Apr 10, 2013

Like Fringe, The Twilight Zone, or The X-Files? Then you'll love Omni Magazine, the premiere speculative fiction (and speculative science) magazine of the 1980s and early 1990s. The entire run is available online through the Omni Magazine Collection. It includes science fiction stories, articles on (then) up and coming scientific developments, and a huge dose of fringe science.

Dragon Age on Facebook / Apr 6, 2013

Quick updates about the game, including appearances by Chris Pramas, tie-in projects for the game's AGE system, etc.

Dragon Age RPG / Apr 6, 2013

The Dragon Age RPG is a pen-and-paper role-playing game based on the Bioware's computer RPG of the same name. The game is produced by Green Ronin and uses their in-house AGE rule system. The system uses three six sided dice -- two white, one red -- that are rolled together. The sum is compared against a target number; if that number is met or exceeded, the task is accomplished. If doubles are rolled, stunt points are generated that can be used to carry out special actions. The exact number of stunt points is determined by the red die, which is known as the "Dragon Die" in game.

The game is being released in boxed sets, similar to original Dungeons & Dragons; Set 1 covers levels 1-5, Set 2 covers levels 6-10, and Set 3 covers levels 11-20. The official web site includes news about upcoming releases, PDFs of character sheet, quick play rules, and game extras, and links to current products.

Bad Astronomy / Mar 27, 2013

Astronomer Phil Plait debunks the bad astronomy in movies, television, and everyday life. He writes a column, also called "Bad Astronomy", appears on and he has an active Twitter feed. / Mar 26, 2013 offers coverage of space and astronomy current events. The home page can be an overwhelming hodgepodge of news, photos, and advertisements, but it remains a helpful source regarding off-world happenings.

Inside Mac Games / Mar 25, 2013

A web site dedicated to gaming on the Mac. It includes Mac-centric game news and reviews, which is a nice way to cut through all the Windows-related game static.

The Unspeakable Oath / Apr 3, 2013

Once dead but dreaming, The Unspeakable Oath is back to offer all-new content for Call of Cthulhu, including the classic 1920s, Gaslight, and Delta Green settings. Issues typically include a scenario, cursed and/or mystical magic items, new spells, book and game reviews, and much more.

F*ck Yeah D&D / Apr 3, 2013

A look at the most bombastic, over the top, gonzo aspects of Dungeons & Dragons. Visit the tumblr to discover ruins of crashed airships, brains dissolving into dice, and my personal favorite, gunslinger vs. zombie dinosaur.