Warning: Political Blogging Ahead

With the election season now in full force (I know this because I’ve started to receive phone calls from the myriad political groups and candidates) I’m going to spending more time blogging about politics, mostly in my home state of Pennsylvania, but occasionally on the national level as well. Politics and scifi don’t often mesh, and I know many of the folks coming to Nuketown aren’t here for that reason.

Fear not gentle readers — the home page will not be turned into an endless stream of political diatribes. I intend to keep those posts confined to my personal Nuketown blog, with only the occasional scifi-related post percolating to the home page. Those of you who receive notifications will get updates about these posts, but even then, you shouldn’t be expecting a blizzard of content. If you are interested in my political rantings, you can find them by going to the new “Politics” category.

Why am I doing this? Well, there are certain political forces on both sides of the Democratic and Republican divide who feel that political speech should be restricted before an election. I think that’s bunk, and I intend to say so … frequently. In the process I expect to get a number of political-related ads through Google AdSense, which is exactly the sort of thing that politicians are trying to regulate away, and that’s really my ultimate goal — run political ads right up until the night of the election.

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