Three Weeks Later: 220 lbs

I’ve been back on my exercise regime for about three weeks (never mind the timestamp on my blog post kicking things off; I actually started writing that two weeks ago…). I spent the first week jogging, and then spent the next week walking (in an attempt recover from the previous week of walking). This week I’m going for a mixed approach: jog one day, walk the next, and try and get a few afternoon trips to the gym in to round things out.

It may be working. I’m down to 220 lbs from 223 lbs. That’s still within the margins of normal weight fluctuation for me, but I prefer to look at it in more optimistic light. In any case, I have been getting up earlier and exercising more, which is a positive improvement regardless of any actual weight loss.

My psychic armor my early morning jogs comes in the form of an evolving geek playlist consisting of tracks from Halo 2, Iron Man, and Tron: Legacy with songs from Foo Fighters, The Cult, and RUSH mixed in.

Further inspiration comes from Zombies, Run!. This augmented reality app dumps you into the role of a runner trying to survive during a zombie apocalypse. During missions the radioman from your home base of Able Township gives you instructions and color commentary regarding the undead hordes chasing you. It intercuts these updates with songs from your playlist, and when the mission is complete it launches into a radio show that also uses the playlist. I’m still figuring out the app, and will post a full review later, but the gamer in me likes the idea of collecting power ups while I jog/run/stagger my way through my morning routine.

Diet wise I completely blew it on Sunday by consuming four or five Mountain Dews and a mountain of potato chips during an epic game of Arkham Horror. Aside from that I think I’ve done a reasonable job of reigning in my sugary excesses during the work week. The proof will be on the scale; we’ll see if my downward weight trend continues next week.

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