The State of Nuketown: 9/11/01

As I noted in my summer editorial, Nuketown was on an extended hiatus while I redesigned it to incorporate a database. The site was supposed to launch later this month, once i had time to finish up a few minor details, like new “sub-section” home pages.

The acts of war in New York City and Washington changed all that. I needed to get the new site up and get it up fast. This was just too big a threat to everything Nuketown — and I — stand for to NOT have it online. So the site is up, with a few news stories and this editorial. The navigation links will take you to the old version of the site; they should be changed over to the database in the near future.

For the immediate future, the site will be focusing on the catastrophic, cowardly attacks against the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.

May God have mercy on those who died. And may we show none to those who caused this.

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