The Nuff’s Fall 2002 RPG Wish List

Fall 2002 looks to be a good time for gamers, especially for fans of Dungeons & Dragons. Here are some of the products I’m looking forward to.

Operation: Torch, Pagan Publishing

Topping my Fall 2002 wish list is Operation: Torch, a campaign for Godlike based on the real-world WWII African campaign. This book is all that’s standing between me and running a Godlike campaign, so it can’t get here soon enough! The book’s being produced by Hobgobyln Press and its scheduled for a “Fall 2002” release.

Tome of Horrors, Necromancer Games

The Tome of Horrors by Necromancer Games will have 400+ monsters updated from first edition, as well as about 50 monsters culled from the company’s own products. Should be an essential tool for any DM, especially the cruel and sadistic ones like me who still keep their Fiend Folios handy just to make their players nervous. Its scheduled for a “Fall 2002” release.

Monster Manual II, Wizards of the Coast

A new monster book that promises original and updated monsters for D&D 3E. Rumor has it many of these monsters are CR 10 or higher, which is excellent news for me considering the average party level of my campaign’s “A Team” is around 13, and the “B Team” is weighing in around 9.

d20 Modern, Wizards of the Coast

D20 Modern is a December release from Wizards, and expands the d20 rules to incorporate — you guessed it — modern day feats, classes, and equipment. I haven’t seen anything yet on what will be made available for the Open Gaming License — I’d love to see some sort of standardization on the d20 gun rules. I’m planning on picking this up mostly as a tool for running non-WotC games like Fading Suns d20, which makes use of automatic weapons and other modern anachronisms. It’s coming out in December.

Book of Vile Darkness, Wizards of the Coast

And finally there’s Wizards’ Book of Vile Darkness, the first in a possible line of “mature” source books that deal with topics that are inappropriate for younger fans (i.e. human sacrifice, prostitution, moral dilemmas). My campaign’s touched on these elements several times, so I’ll be interested to see Wizards take on it.

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