The Lexicon of NeutronLad

NeutronLad growing up fast, and quickly leaving behind his inventive toddler speech. I decided I better jot down some of his classic terms before we forgot them in the mad rush toward preschool.

  • Fuffy: Sofa
  • Brrff-Brrff: Make a raspberry sound twice in quick succession, and you’ll almost have Neutron’s original name for StarGirl
  • Brrf-ordie: NeutronLad’s new name for StarGirl
  • Tretrow: Grandma
  • Elmo: Truck. No relation to Sesame Street’s Elmo; he made that one up on his own

And it’s funny that in between the time I started making this list (around September 1) and today, NeutronLad’s stopped saying most of these words. The only one he still says with any regularity is “Tretrow”, and even that was replaced by “Grandma” a few times today when one of his grandmas came to visit.

It’ll be funny to see what, if any, of these words survive his toddlerdom. StarGirl’s favorite nonsense words, “Doi-Doi”, ended up being the name of our turtle. Maybe we should get another reptile for NeutronLad to name…

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