The Craziest Days of Our Lives, Part 2

It’s been awfully quiet around here the last week or so, and I thought I’d post a note before folks wonder if I’d crawled off to a cave for information detox.

If only.

I work at a college as a web applications developer. And the thing about working in higher education (or hell, any form of education) is you tend to move through life somewhat perpendicular to the real world. My year starts in July, and ends in June, because that’s how our academic calendar rolls. My life gets crazy in late August and late January, because that’s when the Fall and Spring semesters begin.

The pace hits an even more frantic note in January and July/August because that’s when the faculty and students aren’t on campus (or most of them aren’t at least) so we conduct this biannual mad dash to get all of our critical upgrades and new programs in place so things will be nice and shiny when everyone hits campus.

The lulls (and yes, there are lulls) come about two weeks into the semester and last until about two weeks after it ends. Which isn’t to say we’re sitting around playing cards all day, but it is a more relaxed, less frantic state of being.

But now is not that time. Now is the crazy time, and thus, the profound lack of posts around here.

Fortunately, the semester starts on Monday, and while we’ve got a huge amount of work to do next week, the tide should once again begin receding over the next two weeks, and Nuketown’s posting schedule should return to something more or less “normal”.

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