The Battle of Helm’s Deep … in candy

Every year at Christmas time I spend the better part of two weeks re-watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy in all of its extended glory. But I could be making far better use of my time, say rebuilding the Battle of Helm’s Deep in candy. This post first made its round in 2007, but the glory of this sweet, sweet build is worth revisiting.

The walls of the great fortress are made from Jolly Ranchers and Smarties. The orc legions are comprised of Gummi Bears. Sour Patch Kids represent the corpses of the humans and elven defenders. There’s licorice rope, Starburst stairs, Nerd gravel and much, much more. So much more that you really need to go and see it yourself.

The forces of good and evil (represented as small candies) battle upon a table top. White mountains appear in the background.
Credit: Missed Manners.
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