The Baseball Thaw

It’s February in Pennsylvania, which means we’re alternating between cold and icy, cold and muddy, and just plain cold. Oh we get the occasional spring tease, when temps spike up to the mid-40s, but those are quickly gone.

Now granted, it’s not New England, which just got another foot of snow, but it’s still miserable enough to get me looking forward to spring. And spring naturally gets me thinking about baseball, and the nine-ticket plan I just bought to see the Lehigh Valley IronPigs play.

The IronPigs are the Lehigh Valley’s new AAA affiliate of the Phillies (which, as a Mets fan, I try not to hold against them). They’ve got a beautiful stadium (pictured at right) and I had a great time at the two games I went to last summer.

So much so that I decided that two games just wasn’t enough; I needed more. Fortunately, the IronPigs offer a variety of mini ticket plans. They’re kind of like season tickets, insomuch as you get to sitin the same seats for each game you attend, but they’re a heck of a lot more affordable.

I bought two tickets for nine-game  mini plans, which cost me $162.That breaks down to about $18 per game for two people, which is worlds cheaper than what a Major League game would cost. Granted, you’ve got to factor food and parking into that as well, which is probably another$20, but even at that it’s a steal.  You’d spend that much going to the movies … and you wouldn’t get to spend any time outside (which, admittedly, some geeks might see as a point in its favor).

I plan on taking my five-year-old daughter to a bunch of the games —in fact I picked the seats I did because Jordan wants a chance to catch foul balls. We had a blast at the games last year, and she’s very much looking forward to it. That said, I’m also planning on inviting my friends to a few games; a Saturday spent sipping beer and watching baseball sounds like a great way to relax. And somehow, I don’t think I’m going to have any trouble finding folks who want to join me…

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