Searching for a Good LCD Monitor

The next big home improvement project around the ol’thermonuclear burg will be rearranging our third floor office space, turning my wife’s craft room into something a little more office like (and a little easier for her to work in) and converting our old “office” into the new gaming room.

As a result, I’m going to lose my current over-sized L-shaped desk and get my wife’s smaller workspace (which is ok, since I don’t often get to work on the third floor, thus one of the reasons for the conversion). But my PowerMac will still be upstairs, and the reduced deskspace means that my ancient CRT monitor’s days are numbered.

I’m looking for a 20″/21″ display that could easily be used with desktop or notebook computers running Mac OS X and/or Windows XP (and maybe Vista as well … some day). I’m looking for something in the $250-$350 price range. The question I have for the collective intelligence of the Web is … what LCD monitor do you recommend I get. Brand names are welcome; specific model numbers are even better.

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