Rise of the Nintendad

Hat-tip to Joystiq for this Reuters story which notices that hey, parents like to game … and they’re likely to get their kids to game as well. They dub these strange creatures “Nintendads” since many grew up on Nintendo systems and are now happily doling out $250 to buy Nintendo Wiis for their kids (and themselves)

Way to catch on to a trend that’s been going on for at least a decade folks! Every gamer dad I know has been breaking out their old gaming systems (what, you think we traded those in?) to educate their children on the wonders of old-school gaming. The Nintendo Wii, which allows you to buy those old school games and comes with the convenient “physical exercise” rationalization provided by Wii Sports, just lets them do that with a spiffy new gadget.

As for me, well, I don’t have a Wii yet, but it’s a question of “when”, not “if”. Until that happy day, Jordan and I will have to make do with LEGO Star Wars II on the 360.

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