Returning to RPG Podcasts

There was a time when I listened to podcasts, particularly RPG podcasts, religiously. They accompanied me during my home improvement projects, on my walks to work, on long road trips, and even at the gym.

I fell out of the habit of listening when my Star Wars: Saga Edition campaign ended. Order 66 was my lead podcast back then, and listening to a podcast for a game I loved but couldn’t play just seemed too cruel. At the time other podcasts I listened to, like Flagons & Dragons and Yog Radio shutdown, and I found myself listening to audio books more and more.

It’s time to get back into them. The move is partially financial — I’ve worked through my backlog of audio books, and I’ve placed my Audible subscription on hold in order to pay for my Marvel Unlimited habit. I’m assessing my audio book options at my local library, but it seems like a good time to assess the current podcasting landscape.

It’s changed, but not as much as I expected. The Secret Lair is gone, but I knew that already. I was pleased to see that All Games Considered, Fear the Boot, Accidental Survivors, Smiling Jack’s Bar and Grill and Dungeons & Dragons are still publishing.

Searching around the podosphere I see a number of new podcasts I want to try out:

I’d love to find some more podcasts, particularly ones for Savage Worlds, D&D Next, and game mastering. Email your suggestions to  me at

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