Radio Active #23: Geek Tree, Gamer Gift Guide, BrikWars

Radio Active PodcastThings get festive around Radio Active as I talk about my Christmas Geek Tree and present the Geek Gamer Gift Guide.

I’ve also got reviews of two LEGO-based fan games, BrikWars and BrikQuest, and talk about the cool new laptop backpack my wife got me for my birthday.

Getting the Podcast

Show Notes

  • Audio Track: Star Trek: The Next Generation
    • (from when Trek didn’t suck)
  • Intro
    • Happy Birthday to Me
      • Got a very cool “Targus” laptop backpack from my wife, which is freaking awesome — fits my PowerBook perfectly, is excellently padded, and should make walking to work a dream (my old over-sized, Dell-handme-down shoulder back was murder on the shoulders
      • ALso got some money from my in-laws, which let me buy memory for my trusty old G3 iMac, Bug. It’s now up and running Mac OS X. It’s got 512 of RAM, which leaves it a little slow (the process is only a 400 mhz G3) but serviceable for playing movies and music. It’s also got a spacey 80 gig hard drive (a repair from a few years ago) so I’m planning on using it as a media/file server.
    • GriffCrier Wiki
      • Experimenting with moving my gaming site to a wiki, which will allow my players to edit the Web site very easily. Old site was a handcrafted content management system that worked fine for me, no so great for everyone else.
  • Science Fiction Podcast Network Promo
  • Sites of Note
    • BrikWars: Like Warhammer, but with Legos. And no painting. And much less serious.
    • BrickQuest: Like HeroQuest, but with Legos!
  • Audio Track: Geek Tree Power Up
  • The Geek Tree
    • The Current Geek Tree:

      • 7 ft. tall, artificial, pre-lit tree.
      • “Buck Rodgers” racing lights.
      • The Geek Tree presently has 52 speculative fiction ornaments hanging on its boughs. Of these ornaments, 20 have lights, and 13 have sound. The oldest ornament is Shuttlecraft Galileo (Star Trek: The Original Series) from 1992 while the newest ornament is Gandalf the Grey (Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) from 2005.
      • Favorite Ornaments:
        • City on the Edge of Forever, with Kirk and Spock leaping through the Guardian of Forever, with it illuminated in the background … and talking!
        • Star Destroyer with Blockade Runner
    • New Ornaments

      • Darth Vadar at Bespin: “Luke, I am your father…”
      • Enterprise 1701-A: Semi-powered … too bad.
      • Santa Spidey — webslinger with Santa hat
      • Gandalf the Grey
      • Santa Yoda as tree topper
  • Audio: “We need guns. Lots of Guns.”, The Matrix
  • Gamer Geek Gift Guide
  • Outro
    • Next up: Reviews of the Chronicles of Narnia and King Kong soundtracks (hopefully), Rendevous with Rama
    • E-mail:
    • Skype: nuketown
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