Radio Active #21: Upgrades, GOBLIN Network, Dungeoneer

The home improvement never ends at Nuketown, as I prove by painting my bathroom. It’s not all housework though — I’ve also got news about the GOBLIN Gaming Broadcast Network, a round up of the podcasts I’m listening to now, and a note about a new podcast, Most People Are DJs. Lastly, I’ve got a review of Atlas Games’ card/board game, Dungeoneer.

Getting the Podcast

Show Notes

  • Theme Song: Alias
  • Intro
    • More Adventurers in Home Improvement
      • New Stereo: Spent $250 to get an all-in-one stereo system that takes up about 1/20th the space of our old component system and costs 1/5 as much. Man, do I ever love capitalism!
      • New Cabinet: Ditched the ugly old black monolithic one in favor of a new wooden one built by my brother-in-law Dave (with some insights from Sue). Very cool, and very friendly.
      • Painting the Bathroom: The ugly pealing wallpaper is gone, so is the orange undercoat it hide. Now everything is a light mint green.
      • Mac OS X: Getting Apache, PHP, MySQL and Drupal running on my home box.
    • Feedback: Heard from John Mierau who said he enjoyed the podcast and the tales of housework. Seems like a lot of geeks can relate to that aspect of the daily grind…
  • Promo
  • Sites of Note
    • Podcast Catchup
      • As per usual, the home improvements left me with plenty of time to get caught up on my podcasts, and actually has me ready to look for some new ones (not because the old ones or bad, just to see what else is out there).
      • Presently on my listen list are: Dice Make Bonk, Dragon’s Landing, Escape Pod, Evil Genius Chronicles, Geek Fu Action Grip, I Should Be Writing, OgreCave Audio Report, Pulp Gamer, Random Signal, Comicology Podcast, Rock’n’Roll Geek Indie Cast.
    • GOBLIN: The Gaming Broadcast Network
      • [Web Archive]
      • “GOBLIN is dedicated to pen & paper and tabletop gaming broadcasts, whether podcasts, vidcasts or streaming media.”
      • Keeps track of what gaming podcasts are out there, provides news about the latest episodes of your favorite podcasts, and offers several “channel feeds” that lets you download groups of like podcasts. Also has forum
    • Most People Are DJs

      • Got an e-mail from Mike Pfeiffer saying he enjoyed Radio Active, and mentioning his own podcast, Most People Are DJs, which plays indie music and talks about comics, scifi and, umm, the O.C. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but it’s on my list.
  • Science Fiction Podcast Network Promo
  • Game Review: Dungeoneer – Tomb of the Lich Lord
    • Produced by Atlas Games
    • For 2-4 players
    • MSRP: $20
    • Card based game in which each player takes on the role of a character exploring a dungeon. The dungeon is built dynamically based on a deck filled with passages and rooms, and characters must explore this dungeon while trying to satisfy three quests (which could involve destroying a magic item, finding and escorting a captive, or slaying a vampire.
    • Each character has glory and peril points that grow as they explore rooms. Players spend spend glory points to power their special abilities, while opponents spend that self-same players peril points to spring monsters and traps on them.
    • Naturally, magic items abound, as do “boons”, special abilities gained through exploring.
    • Cool game — very old school, and I expect it will move quickly in subsequent games.
    • The rules suffer from being a little too general — they try and accommodate all of the game’s expansions in one slim rule book, but I’d like to see more time given to thoroughly explaining the rules for the current set.
    • Also found that by the end of the game, even it’s namesake Lich Lord wasn’t all that scary (unlike say, Munchkin’s Great Cthulhu, which terrifies even high level characters in that game).
    • All in all, a fun game, and worth picking up. I look forward to trying it again, this time with another expansion thrown into mix things up.
  • Outro
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