Radio Active #16: Invasion of the Surface

Radio Active PodcastShow #16 features news about the Radio Active theme song (well, news that we’re looking for one), a look at the Yog Radio Podcast, some thoughts on hotdogs, buns and the free market, and a comparison of the similarly themed (and similarly mediocre) new science fiction series Invasion and Surface.

Getting the Podcast

Show Notes

  • Show News
    • The Lunch Break Show
    • Theme Song!: We need one. Suggestions are welcome at
  • TSFPN Sweeper
  • Podcasts of Note
    • Yog Radio
      • Web Site
      • Call of Cthulhu Podcast features a round up of site news and forum posts as well as reviews.
      • Show #1 includes a review of Fantasy Flight Games’ Arkham Horror and the latest Chaosium news.
    • Always looking for more shows to promote/review; so e-mail ’em to me at
  • Freedom Ad: Hotdogs & Buns
    • by the Institute for Humane Studies
  • Invasion of the Surface
    • Surface
      • [Web Archive]
      • obligatory un-updated show blog:
      • [Web Archive]
    • Invasion
    • Thoughts on the Shows
      • Surface seems nominally better, but perhaps that’s just because it’s reminiscent of The Abyss, and I liked that movie.
      • Neither seem particularly compelling or deep — the characters are just … there. It’s like each is following a near identical formula to try and arrive at suspense: sizable cast of appealing characters (with a few kids thrown in); strange, unexplained phenomenon, and lots of weird happenings on/in/near water.
      • But for suspense to work you need to care about the characters AND the conspiracy. BSG is suspenseful. Lost is suspenseful. These shows seem ponderous.
    • And their blogs are lame. Invasions is slightly less lame, since they actually have more than one entry, but both appear to be some brilliant idea thought up by marketing independently of the creative team. If done well (yeah, like that’s going to happen) they could provide a “I Love Bees” angle on each series, providing additional depth. Hell, it would have been cool to see these written by a non-main character that BECAME a main character because of the blog. Instead, we get updates (surprise, surprise) when the show gets updated.
  • Contacting Nuketown
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