Putting together a Summer 2007 Reading List

I’ve got two vacations lined up for Summer 2007 — one short, one long — and hopefully a few lazy weekends I can spend ready books on the back porch or down the shore.

As a result, I’ve slowly started to compile my summer reading list, and I’m looking for suggestions from readers, as well as comments on what you’ll be reading at the beach this summer.

Here’s what I have so far:

Looking to my Amazon wish list, I see a few books I thought I might read last summer. Of these, my science-fiction-obsessed mind (or is it the part that wants to vote for Ron Paul?) is most interested in The Martian Race by Gregory Benford, which is about private expeditions competing to be the first to land on Mars.

My tastes nowadays are running toward space opera, but a good hard SF novel might be nice as well. I think I’ll break up the novel reading with a few borrowed or purchased graphic novels; in particular I’d like to read up on Hell Boy, Kingdom Come and perhaps Crisis on Infinite Earths.

I suspect what I really need to do is head to the bookstore and spend some time looking for new paperbacks that might strike my fancy. An hour spent sipping coffee and browsing books would do wonders for building up my Reading List (of course, the probability of that happening with the kids in tow is close to zero).

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