Podcast Philly 2007: Using Garageband for Basic Podcasting

Presented by Mike Wolk, Senior Systems Engineer, Apple Inc.. He provided a quick overview of how to use GarageBand to record podcasts and enhance them with photos and web addresses. I knew a lot of this, having used GarageBand before, so I’m just focusing on what I didn’t know.

If you right-click on a photo in Safari, you can add it right to your iPhoto Library

Need to record your lectures with PowerPoint/Keynote slides? Use Profcast to record, then edit in GarageBand.

He’s using a Blue Snowball mic to record his clips; I’ve heard nothing but good things about this mic.

Use the info to preview your enhanced podcasts. To position a photo within the podcast track, open the track editor (the little scissors with wave form icon) and then double click on the image. This launches a pop-up window where you can shift the focus of a photo and zoom in and out.

GarageBand creates bookmarks at each image insertion point; you can edit the name of those through this the track editor interface. You can also add hyperlinks to web sites here. I wonder if the iPod touch will take advantage of these imbedded urls.

Using the Universal Access “Zoom” tool is awesome for focusing in on a given part of the page. If I ever do my RPG tools podcast, I need to use this with a screen capture to highlight a tool or feature.

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