MepaCon Spring 2005: Day 3

The third day of MEPACon saw dozens of people walking around in that state of happy exhaustion that can only come from playing games for 48 hours straight (or at least, for what felt like 48 hours straight).

Refreshed after heading to bed early (the others finished up their dungeon crawl at 4 a.m.) I setup for my HeroClix session, where I ran a demo and may have succeeded in getting another individual hooked on the game. After that, we ran a four-person, two-team smackdown, with me fielding a team consisting of Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Electra and Beast. It was a tough fight, but my team ultimately ended up victorious (if only barely).

After that it was two quick sessions of the classic space-horror game Space Hulk. The first session saw the human Terminators trash the Genestealers (we later realized this was because they’d received to many action dice). The second session, with fewer action dice, saw the aliens shred their human opposition.

All-in-all, it was an excellent convention. The staff were pleasant and dealt with the inevitable snafus efficiently. The GM packets could have been a bit better organized (not everything we needed was in the packets, but we were able to get that stuff from the front desk). My only admittedly minor quibble was the shortage of power strips at the tables. I’d like to have seen them run some extension cords to at least a few of the gaming tables, seeing as how some GMs were using computers to aid in their games.

I’m looking forward to the fall convention, being held November 18-20, 2005 at the Clarion Scranton. I’ll probably add a Paranoia RPG slot to my GMing duties, and expand the B5 Call to Arms offerings to include more detailed scenarios. I’d also like to run a few non-mini sessions — I’m thinking specifically of Settlers of Catan or Illuminati.

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