Launching Picture of the Day

“Picture of the Day” has been one of the most popular memes among my photography geek friends for the last year or so. The idea is that you take a picture a day, and then post it for the world to see, usually on Flickr or Facebook. Different people approach the project in different ways — some take a picture and post it on the same day, some take a series of shots, and then post one a day.

I’m shooting for the former approach. I think it’s more creative and challenging, and more likely to get me back into that “camera’s eye” mindset. That said, I’m not going to be a slave to the format; if I have a couple of good shots I may run them over successive days.

My goals for this project are twofold. I want to learn more about my camera, the Nikon D60. It’s a digital SLR that we bought a few years back, and it can do far, far more than I’ve done with it. The same goes for my new iPhone 4, which has a decent camera built in, and the advantage of being with me where ever I go.

Second, I want to get back in a creative groove. I used to do a lot of photography in when I was in high school and college, as well as when I was working in newspapers but over the years I fell out of it. My other creative endeavors, namely Nuketown and its podcast, have been languishing the last few months because of time commitments, but a picture a day seems manageable.

You can follow along by checking out my Picture a Day photo set on Flickr, following me on Twitter or by stopping by Nuketown for the occasional recap.

And finally, here’s my first two pictures in the series:

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