Lament for a Lost Six Sider

This post was supposed to be about geek radio shows I’ve been listening to on my iPod during my commutes. And then one of the shows went off the air.

The name of the show is “The SixSiders” and it aired on KION 1460 AM in California. It was also broadcast over the Web via MP3 downloads at their web site, The show’s been on the air for the last four years and while some of the voices have changed, the show has consistently delivered an entertaining two hours of news and commentary on speculative fiction. The show was primarily focused on genre television and movies, and I would’ve liked to have seen them spend more time on games, books and Web sites, but it was a nice break from the ordinary.

And unfortunately, it is no more and that just plain sucks. The Web site still exists, and you can download their last two shows if you like, but for the time being, the show’s off the air. There is reason to hope, however — the SixSiders last message to their fans promises that they will return … eventually. It’s not quite as catchy as “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish”, but it’s good to know that they’ll be working to find a way back online.

I for one, hope they return sooner rather than later and already sent them an e-mail to that effect. If you agree, stop by their site and drop them a line — I’m sure they’ll appreciate the support.

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