Labor’s Looming Large

We’ve got four weeks until Sue’s due date on March 21. One week until she’s term. One week until Lamaze is over. Yes folks, labor is definitely starting to loom rather large on the horizon.

Exactly how large became apparent last night at Lamaze, and it had nothing to do with the 30-minute video we watched of three women giving birth. No, what really drove it home for me was the fact that we’d lost about four couples from our class, not to snow, lack of interest, or schedule conflicts but to … birth.

I think even our instructor was surprised to see how many people had delivered already — she made mention of the idea that storms (like the huge near-blizzard the Northeast has been digging out of all week) bring about a spike in births. The spate of births inspired lots of nervous jokes about whether anyone would actually be around to attend next weeks class, all the more nervous because we all knew it wasn’t really a joke.

Until this point, labor for me was still something of an abstraction — yes, it was coming, but that was in the future. But the future is officially now and Sue could go at any time. Sure, right at this moment she’d still be a little early, but in a week, we officially hit the due date.

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