It’s a Boy: NeutronLad

NeutronLad was born at 6:13 p.m., Wednesday, June 14, weighing 8 lbs. 3 oz. and measuring 22″ long. He has a full head of his mother’s red hair, and we’ll see whether his baby blues turn into his father’s blue eyes, his mother’s brown, or something in between (like his sister’s). Sue and the baby are doing well, and big sister StarGirl likes her new baby brother well enough, though she’s still advocating for a sister.

Of course at this age babies do little more than sleep, eat, and pee/poop (with the occasional breaks for crying and/or looking around) but so far he seems to be a pretty happy baby — his bright blue eyes love to explore the room around him, and he knows his mom and dad (once again demonstrating for all you would-be-dads out there that talking to your wife’s pregnant belly is definitely a worthwhile endeavor).

The second time around is proving to be a lot less stressful than the first time — Sue and I are comfortable enough in our parenting skills to relax and enjoy the newborn experience. Sure, there’s the inevitable stress that comes from a lack of sleep, 2 a.m. crying fits, and adventures in nursing, but we’re far less on edge than last time. We don’t over-react to every little hiccup, and don’t feel like we need to come running every time he cries. That in turn translates into better nights’ sleep and less anxiety.

Geek in Training

NeutronLad played in his first game of HeroClix yesterday, as Bob and Jon stopped by to help me pick up our new grill from Sears, and then stayed for dinner and a few rounds of superhero smackdown. At three days old, Neutronlad didn’t do much more than sleep and suck on my finger, but he did prove himself a true gamer in training by passing some truly vile gas.

He just fell asleep a few minutes ago to the sounds of the new Superman Returns soundtrack, and I swear he was really enjoying the opening theme — his eyes were looking around, trying to figure out where that sound was coming from, and he just looked into it. Or maybe I’m just projecting a little too much of my geekness upon him.

This afternoon we’ll be expanding his horizons beyond the constellation of geek interests by watching our first Mets game, which will rock (Jordan and I frequently watch the Mets, something we both have a blast doing).

A Week with StarGirl

Speaking of StarGirl, she’s been at her grandparents the last few days, but is coming home this afternoon. I’ll be switching gears then, leaving Sue to take focus on Luke while I try and spend as much time as possible with StarGirl. We’re going to be building a LEGO TIE Interceptor (she loves helping build LEGO starships) and then we’ll probably head out and catch Cars one day this week. I also foresee lots of walks, trips to the park, games of backyard baseball, servings of “rock soup”, expeditions to the Cosmic Cup for coffee, and just plain old Dad-and-Jordan fun stuff (meaning I’ll be immersed in princesses and trains for the next few days).

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