Installing HP 1020 Drivers on Mac OS X

A few years back i bought a HP 1020 LaserJet printer; I’d just gotten one at work and found it worked great with my Mac. When I saw one on sale at Staples, I lept at the chance to get a good USB laser printer for about $100. It turns out there’s one problem with the 1020; while it’s kissing cousin — the 1022 — has drivers for the Mac, the slightly older 1020 does not.

When I first got the printer, I couldn’t find any 1020 drivers for Mac OS X. I went with the 1022 instead, which was fine because the driver worked like a charm. And then HP changed them.  Apparently, the 1020 was never supposed to work on the Mac, and when updated 1022 driver was released, it stopped working for the 1020.

This has proven problematic when I’ve occasionally had to reinstall the drivers, but fortunately folks have figured out how to work around HP’s wrongheaded decision to drop 1020 support on the Mac. This article details how to get the functional driver and install it on your Mac (up to and including 10.5 Leopard):

They also suggest an open source driver that should work with this line of printers (Warning: Unix command line magic ahead):

Fortunately Mac OS X 10.6.x Lion and 10.7.x Mountain Lion don’t have this problem; I was able to use the native drivers for the HP 1022 to print from my Macs, no hoop-jumping required.