I’m Still Surprised

I spent Saturday working on three canvas posters for the baby’s room with my wife Sue, my brother-in-law Dave, and his fiancee Wendy. We worked on them for hours, and actually got quite a lot done.

And not once did I have even the slightest clue of what awaited me Saturday night.

Dave and I went out to run some errands around 6 p.m. — we had to take care of a friend’s dogs, pick up a movie, and snag some more acrylic paint from the Michael’s Arts and Crafts store in Phillipsburg (ok, technically I think it’s in Pine Grove).

Then we came home, and I got knocked flat on my ass by a house full of people who most definitely were not supposed to be joining us for cold cuts and a movie, all of whom promptly shouted ‘surprise!!!’ followed by ‘Happy Birthday!!!’

Well guys, this note’s up on Nuketown to let you all know that I was surprised. Hell, I’m still surprised. I may be surprised for the next month or so, when my real 31st birthday rolls around on December 17.

Most of the credit for the party needs to go to my wife Sue, who managed to completely and utterly hoodwink me while herding the majority of my friends and family to our house on Saturday. She did an amazing job, all the more amazing because she’s 5 months pregnant, and Baby Nuke tends to tire her out pretty quickly. I also have to thank Dave, who did an excellent job of luring me away from the house and all of my friends and family who managed to keep the secret. And naturally I have to thank everyone who came to my party. It was a blast, I had a tremendous amount of fun, and I’m endlessly glad you could all make it.

And damn it, I’m still surprised.

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