Hunting for Objectivist Science Fiction

Having put out one call for libertarian science fiction, I’m now asking my readers for suggestions regarding Objectivist science fiction. The reason is the same — I’m planning on doing a special feature on the subject for an upcoming issue of Nuketown, and I’m in need of more links.

Objectivism is the philosophy put forward by Ayn Rand in her books The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, as well as numerous non-fiction articles and essays. Science fiction and Objectivism shouldn’t be a surprising combination for fans of either — Atlas Shrugged had several speculative fiction elements (indeed the entire book asks the question “what if the thinkers went on strike” and features a near-future socialist apocalypse) and her novella Anthem was pure science fiction through and through.

I’m looking for links to science fiction with Objectivist themes, reviews of Rand’s work as science fiction, and pretty much anything else that brings together these two great topics.

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