Geek Tree Ornaments Preview for 2008

The Gods of Geekdom have heard my prayers. Or at least Hallmark has. After years of giving us dud ornaments (the Scorpion from Star Trek: Nemesis) and more so-so ones (how many variant Enterprises do we need?) they have finally released the Star Trek ornament I’ve wanted most:

The Reliant.

Yes, the Enterprise’s nemesis from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan has finally been made into an ornament. Unfortunately it’s battery powered (rather than string powered, like the older ornaments) but hey, I’ll take it any way I can get it. Now if they’d just release an Excelsior, my geeky heart will be content.

There are two other Star Trek ornaments this year — Captain Kirk with Tribbles and a Communicator but I don’t feel particularly compelled to buy either one. The Communicator could be nice insomuch as I don’t have anything like it on the Geek Tree, but it doesn’t ignite my consumer hunger like the Reliant does.

Over on the Star Wars side there are two cool looking ornaments: the Imperial Shuttle and The Final Confrontation. The former is from Return of the Jedi, the later is also from Jedi and recreates the epic battle between Luke and Vader. Again, both feature sound (good) but are battery powered (bad).

There are a few non-scifi ornaments I’ll consider getting. The first is Indiana Jones, which would broaden the Geek Tree’s genres into pulp. The second is Iron Man, which would bolster the superhero aspect of the tree.

You can check out these ornaments in person July 12 and 13 during Hallmark’s “Ornament Premiere” event.

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