Geek Archeology: World Space Modeling Championships 1980 Patch

My family is slowly helping organize and clean out my parents’ garage and basement. As we do so, we’re coming across all manner of treasures.

A patch featuring stylized boxes reminiscent of skyscrapers, as well as photographs of model rockets.
The World Space Modeling Championships 1980 Patch, plus a bunch of rockets that my dad built.

One of them is the  World Space Modeling Championships 1980 patch, pictured here with several of the model rockets that my dad built, plus a promotional model rocket flyer published by Estes (a model rocket company).

According to the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), the “World Space Modeling Championships (WSMC) is the Olympics of model rocketry competition, held every two years.” This patch is from the 1980 championships, hosted by NAR and held in Lakehurst, NJ from September 7-11, 1980.

My dad got the patch when he attended the event but alas, I didn’t get to go (I was 9 at the time, so that’s not surprising). You can check out the archive page on the NAR website.

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