Big Business vs. Big Government

The other day I got into something of a debate with a liberal-minded individual and I got a healthy reminder of just how much folks on the left dislike and distrust business. No, those words are too weak — “hate” is a much better descriptor. The debate arose with in the context The X-Files — … Read more

Spammed By Dean

On the 14th of August I saw my first annoying political ad of the 2003 presidential campaign season. And it wasn’t on TV … it was in my inbox. The message was from Gov. Howard Dean (but don’t look for an apology on his Web site — you won’t find one) and was sent by … Read more

Nuketown Endorses Libertarian Ken Krawchuk for Pennsylvania Governor

It’s that time of year again – time to research the candidates, step into the voting booth, and cast a vote and hopefully change Pennsylvania for the better.

Pennsylvania’s biggest race is for governor. From the major parties we’ve got Democrat Ed Rendell, former mayor of Philadelphia, and Republican Mike Fisher the state’s attorney general. The Libertarian candidate is Ken Krawchuk. I don’t know – and don’t care – who the Green candidate is.

At the start of the campaign, I didn’t have any particular strong feelings against Ed Rendell, aside from my typically moderate, knee-jerk dislike of Democratic policies. Since then I’ve had the chance to read up on Rendell’s history in Philadelphia, which isn’t quite as momentous as the Democratic party would like to be believe. He did some good work down there, but his refusal to deal with the public education crisis in the city and his failure to significantly cut taxes will insure that no matter how much time he bought the city, eventually the flight of the middle class from Philly to the suburbs will continue.