Atlas Spammed

I’ve received a lot of spam in my life. In fact at this particular moment in time I have 2,965 pieces of spam in my kill file (as opposed to about 3,400 pieces of real mail in my assorted in boxes). I’ve seen it all — pyramid schemes, bizarre sex acts, promises to end my financial problems for all time, herbal “enhancements” for my love life.

But I never expected to see a piece of Ayn Rand-inspired spam … and that’s exactly what I received on Monday.

Subject: Time for Atlas to Shrug2659

Get a 5-6 figure annual income,
earning $2,000-$12,000 monthly,
working independently
Read further and request more info…

—5-6 figure first year earning potential
—$10,000 monthly or more possible
—New marketing system from successful 8 year old company
you can operate from anywhere.
—Make $1,000-$3,000 per sale.
—Pre-sold customers call you direct.
Customers pay you direct.
—Residual income
—Spectacular benefits
—A fun business

Say good-bye to:

—Long workdays
—Miserable commutes
—Corporate politics
—Employee hassles
—Franchise red tape
—Network marketing non-sense
—Inventory to purchase and store
—Periodic purchase requirements
—Cold-calling, expensive advertising, pressure selling
—Big Start-up costs

What does it take to succeed?

—Standard home office equipment: telephone, fax, computer
—Being reasonably well-organized
—Big business mind-set
—Belief in yourself and your potential

So break free now—
Learn more today!

It appeals to Rand’s archtypical hero — the self-motivated, self-confident producer — but some how believes that such people would gladly throw away their own work to latch on to someone else’s false dream. Of course, it’s not actually targeting Objectivists — not real ones anyway. To paraphrase Atlas Shrugged, it’s really aimed at those who want to be great, without the necessity of doing anything worthy of greatness.

But hey, isn’t that the dream of spammers every where?

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