Ankle-Slashing Gang Initiates Lurk Beneath Cars

Those lunatic gang initiates are at it again. They started out putting strychnine and LSD on phone booth buttons, but now they’ve moved on to slashing the ankles of unsuspecting women. They lay in wait underneath women’s cars at gas stations, and as they get out, they attack!

Fortunately, just like the LSD scare, this is a hoax.

Here’s the original e-mail:

Date Collected: November 15, 2000

You all please read this and take it seriously. Pass it on to those you care about.

Subject: FW: Be Careful

I am passing this along because I know of a incident similar to this. My girlfriend was getting some gas and when she attempted to return to her car the gas station attendant starting yelling at her and telling her she did not pay yet. When she went back in to argue about having already paid the attendant told her he just wanted to get her back in because he saw someone crawl in the backseat of her car, and that he had already called the police. So it’s worth taking to heart.

This is a true story. it has been “ritual” of gang members to take one body part from women as an initiation into gangs.the rule is that it has to be in a well lit area and at a gas station, so be careful. they tend to lay under the car, and slash females’ ankles when she goes to get in her car, causing her to fall and then they cut off a body part and roll and run. they are known to hide behind the gas pumps too, so be careful. It might sound bizarre and gross, but the bigger the body part the higher the initiation they receive.

This was commmunicated by a person who works in law enforcement in the south. She has investigated and been called to a number of these scenes. She has also confirmed the following statement below as true and not an internet “hoax.”

Here is an example of a truecase- a gas station attendant yelled at a lady to come back and pay for her gas, threatening that if she did not, he would call the cops if she tried to drive away (this was right after she had been in and paid for the gas.) She returned into the station upset and angry at the attendant, only to realize that he had called the cops after spotting a man roll under her car. She was about to be a victim of the above initiation.

Please pass these on to as many people you know… mothers, sisters, grandparents, daughters, nieces and friends. It seems the world has become a crazy place to live in, but let’s be careful out there and make stuff like this known so we are better protected.

This one’s actually a mutation of an old urban myth, one I first heard in college. That one had a serial killer hiding in the backseat of a person’s car. When the person stopped for gas, the attendant came out, told the driver that her credit card was denied, and asked her to come in. Once in the safety of the gas station’s armored interior, the attendant explained in gasping breaths that a man had been in the back seat.

It’s like a ghost story for the 21st century. The latest version is grosser and a little more imaginative, but still blatantly a hoax.

  • Where are the reporters? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — where are the reporters? If gang members really were doing this sort of thing, even in one isolated case in Oregon, it would be all over the news. Something this bizarre, gross and inflammatory would be on every nightly news cast. There would be FBI task forces set up in major metro areas, etc.
  • Unverifiable official source: The hoax claims that it was confirmed “by a person who works in law enforcement in the south.” Gee, that limits it. What person? Where in the south? South of where? New York? London? If you don’t have an actual Web page or working e-mail address to verify the facts, it’s almost always a hoax.

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