And the Tree Comes Tumbling Down…

It must be some kind of record … at least for the Newquists. Our Christmas tree is down and it’s only January 13. It seems strange not to have it in the library any more — it’s something of a tradition in my family to keep the tree up until at least the third week of January, if not the fourth one. (the record, I believe, is held by my parents, who once took theirs down sometime around the first week of February…)

But alas, with the baby coming, and the work we’re going to be doing later this month building bookshelves in the library, it seemed like the practical thing to do.

Looking back on this year’s Christmas from a strictly decoration-inspired point of view, it was a good one — the main tree was far smaller than the last three years (the top didn’t touch the ceiling, and the bows were contained to one corner of the room) but it still looked good.

I was less pleased with the geek tree — the repository of Star Trek, Star Wars, and assorted other science fiction ornaments that my wife demanded I put up last year, after my ornaments threatened to take over the main tree. The geek tree’s a small artificial tree, and unfortunately for it (but fortunately for me) the number of ornaments I have has all but overwhelmed it. I think next year we may very well have to buy two real trees…

The trains worked ok — the layout was simple (an HO track on the outside, an O-gauge one on the inside) but it was too simple. I think next year I’ll have to go strictly HO, use a bigger board, and throw in some loops and switch tracks. Unless, of course, the baby is crawling by then, in which case we may have to skip a year or two on the locomotive front.

All in all, it was a good Christmas for trees and trains, and I’m sorry to see it go … but I’m looking forward to planning next year’s adventure (and exposing my soon-to-be-born little one into the glory that is the geek tree…)

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