A GPS for My Keys?

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a terrible time keeping track of my keys (though I’ve gotten better). Now there’s a solution that could end my lost keys scramble forever: GPS locator tags

Steve Wozniak — who started Apple back in the day with Steve Jobs — has started up a new company that’s creating Global Positioning System tags you can slap on anything. Dogs, cats, keys, kids — you name it.

Basically, the tags emit a low-powered wireless signal which is then picked up by a hand-held device. The device translates that information into a GPS location, thus allowing you to find your messing keys. Or at least, I think that’s what it’s supposed to do — you can read this Mercury News article about it to learn more.

Assuming that it also has a PC/Mac-based solution (wouldn’t want to lose the locator as well and I never lose my desktop computer) this could be the solution to my continual lost-keys dilemma (aside, of course, from actually remembering where I put them).

It would also help with those times when my German Shepherd decides to go for a run around the neighborhood, or my cat Cougar sneaks out through a slowly-closing door.

Pretty freaking cool. 🙂 The Woz’s new company is called Wheels of Zeus (great name) and its url is www.woz.com. There’s no news on when products will be available.

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