A Geeky Christmas to All!

A very merry (and hopefully, very geeky as well) Christmas to everyone! Right now the Newquist clan is basking in the occasionally turbulent afterglow of the holidays, gifts strewn across the living room and library like some sort of Toyland apocalypse. StarGirl and I are escaping it for a few hours to hang out with fellow geek and long-time friend Dave and his daughter, but we’ll be back by night fall to continue with the unpacking, assembling and organizing.

The Geek Tree has grown by two ornaments this year: the Enterprise 1701 and the Imperial AT-AT walker, both of which have been added to the Geek Tree photo set on Flickr. My once-trusty, now just very old “NukePod” has been upgraded with a spiffy new black edition, and I look forward to catching up on about four weeks worth of podcasts this week.

NeutronLad is loving his new dinosaur, which is a hollow musical contraption that plays a variety of sounds when you place plastic balls in it (which then roll their way to various exits within the dinosaur) but perhaps not as much as StarGirl who’s been playing with almost as much as she’s been playing with her own Little Pet Shop toys. Perhaps her favorite toy this year — aside from the Little Pet Shop and “green dress” Barbie — is a fishing game that Sue made. It features cloth fish with magnets in them, which swim in a collapsible blue pool and which can be caught using a magnet-baited fishing rod (which, it turns out, is also great for catching Little Pets, all of whom have magnets in their feet).

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