813 Gingerbread Lane

Two gingerbread houses, each covered in candy, stand side by side on an orange tablecloth.
Behold … the Nuketown Gingerbread Houses! Credit: Ken Newquist

The kids and I built our annual gingerbread houses on Sunday, using gingerbread house kits from Wegman’s and candy from the remains of our Halloween horde. You can find the full photo gallery (with annotations) on Flickr.

We built two houses, one for my six-year-old daughter StarGirl, and one for my three-year-old son, NeutronLad (with NeutronLad sitting on my lap the whole time, which made things just that much more challenging). We had a big assist from my wife, who showed us how to put the icing guns together, and pre-glued the gingerbread houses. Yes, glued — last year, we used icing to hold the houses together, and it was a gigantic mess. This time around, we took the advice of a friend and glued them together. They’re far more stable, and it’s not like we’re planning to eat these anyway.

If you’re looking for a science fiction or fantasy theme, you won’t find one; these are utterly conventional gingerbread houses. Maybe next year we can create the candy Tower of Saruman instead. Gummy ents anyone?

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