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You are at the edge of known space. The expanse yawns before you, threatening to overwhelm your ego with its shear immensity. You are lost.

Roll 1d12:

  1. You find your way back to civilization. Enjoy the blue-tinged drink of your choice.
  2. You are eaten by a space worm. Don’t worry, they kept a copy back at Headquarters.
  3. They lost the backup copy. Good luck in your next life.
  4. You’ve discovered a paradise world ruled by a vengeful god. Set phasers to heretic.
  5. Great. A space amoeba. Why is it always a space amoeba?
  6. You’ve gone back in time. Roll again to avoid becoming your own grandfather.
  7. A worm hole appears but sensors indicate it goes to the Negative Dimension. Dare you enter?
  8. An alien invasion fleet suddenly roars past you. Time to find a new galaxy.
  9. You found Schrödinger’s cat! Collect $10 and return to the nearest parallel dimension.
  10. A gigantic ring looms before you, eclipsing a nearby star.
  11. “That’s no moon, that’s a –” [end transmission]
  12. Roll again.
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