212.80 lbs: Going Digital

So it’s been two weeks at the gym, and about two weeks of cutting back my soda intake to about a can a day. It’s also been two weeks of getting used to the new digital scale at the gym (thus the decimals in the headline). Previously, the gym had had one of the old fashioned adjustable weights-based scales, which the arcane (and archaic) part of my brain always enjoyed.

Now we’re digital, which means no flubbing the weights to say “well, it could be 211, if you look at this angle and if I just nudge it a bit this way. Now it’s just the simple, unavoidable truth of a digital readout.

Fortunately, the number went down. Of course, it also briefly went up, so while it would be nice to say I’m making some progress going from 216 to 212, in truth it’s all within my normal weight fluctuations. Now if we have another two weeks, and it keeps going down, well, then I’ll officially call it a trend.

The big thing is really just this: in the last two weeks I was at the gym more days than I wasn’t at the gym, and I made it to the pool twice. Given that there were stretches this summer where I went a month without exercising, I think I’m safe in calling this progress.

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