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"Goodbye, Jean-Luc, I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential. But then again, all good things must come to an end."
- Q, Star Trek: TNG

Nuketown Radio Active

Radio Active #31: Geek Moms, Summer Reading List, X-Men 3

by Ken Newquist / May 31, 2006

The podcast opens with the old X-Men cartoon theme song in honor of X-Men 3: The Final Stand and the launches into a review of geek mom and geek parenting web sites. There's no fiction review this time around, as I'm still slugging my way through George R.R. Martin's A Feast for Crows but I do have my summer reading list, which includes books by John Scalzi, Warren Ellis, Jack Vance, Keith Baker, Peter Hamilton and Joe Hadleman.

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Radio Active #30: Zombies, LEGO Serenity, Cell, Jonathan Coulton

by Ken Newquist / May 8, 2006

Zombies are the topic of the day with Radio Active #30, which features a review of Stephen King's zombie-novel Cell and Jonathan Coulton's Thing a Week song "Re Your Brains". Sites of Note looks at Joss Whedon's Serenity re-done in LEGOS, applauds All Games Considered on their one-year anniversary, and takes a look at Geek Culture. Finally, I've got a review of Coulton's music, including his first album, Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow and the aformentioned Thing a Week.

Radio Active #29: FreeCiv, Misfit Brew, Does My Geek..., Spell Compendium

by Ken Newquist / April 24, 2006

Another podcast, another Sunday spent painting. This time around I discuss Battlestar Galactica's Season 2 cliffhanger and offer a brief review of the film version of V for Vendetta (yes, I'm behind the geek times) before launching into reviews of the turn-based strategy game FreeCiv, the podcasts Misfit Brew and Does My Geek Look Big in This?, talk about the venerable webzine Quantum Muse, and present reader John Mierau's review of the "PodReady" portable podcatching client.

That's followed up by a review of Wizards of the Coast's Spell Compendium, which includes some of my thoughts on D&D 4th Edition and a bit of a rant on the importance of indexes.

Radio Active #28: Of Home Improvement and Geek Podcasts

by Ken Newquist / April 10, 2006

I've been a stranger in a strange land the last two weeks as I've spent half my weekend hours in Home Depot, and the other half working hard to transform my old gaming room into my daughter's new bedroom. Fortunately I had plenty of geek podcasts to keep me company through the process.

Radio Active #28 features a bunch of podcasts, some old friends, some new acquaintances. It also features less-than-optimal sound quality as I struggle with a new non-headset microphone that isn't quite up to the job. The podcast is easily listenable, it just sounds like I recorded it in an aircraft hanger.

Radio Active #27: The Flu, Battlestar Wiki, V for Vendetta

by Ken Newquist / March 17, 2006

Radio Active goes temporarily political with a review of Alan Moore and David Lloyd's V for Vendetta graphic novel. But before I launch off on that tangent, I've got news about the flu that ravaged Nuketown, updates on some of my freelance projects, and a bunch of new sites of note, including the Battlestar Galatica wiki, the Liberty & Culture blog, an excellent conversation about "Common Sense" gaming via and a cool write-up on virtual desktops for GMs from

Radio Active #26: SciFi Publishing, Cthulego, Treasure Tables, Rama

by Ken Newquist / February 19, 2006

Radio Active #26 offers a well-rounded podcast, with some updates on the ongoing Nuketown Beta project, followed by an editorial on the sorry state of science fiction publishing, particularly with regards to using technology to promote their wares. There are also three sites of note, including the podcast Most People Are DJs, the Cthulhu-inspired LEGO layout Cthulego, and the game mastery blog Treasure Tables. Finally, there's a review of the classic science fiction novel Rendezvous with Rama.

Radio Active #25: Old Man's War, Losing My SciFi

by Ken Newquist / January 30, 2006

Show #25 gets back to the speculative fiction with some thoughts on losing -- and finding -- my interest in scifi, reviews of the Does My Geek, Roll 2d6 and BrickNebula podcasts, and a review of John Scalzi's military SF novel, Old Man's War. There's also news of the Nuketown beta and a possible theme song.

Nuketown Radio Active #23: Geek Tree, Gamer Gift Guide, BrikWars

by Ken Newquist / December 18, 2005

Things get festive around Radio Active as I talk about my Christmas Geek Tree and present the Geek Gamer Gift Guide.I've also got reviews of two LEGO-based fan games, BrikWars and BrikQuest, and talk about the cool new laptop backpack my wife got me for my birthday.

Getting the Podcast

You can get the podcast in two ways:

Nuketown Radio Active #22: Trilogy Philosophy, Hypertext d20 SRD, MirrorMask Soundtrack

by Ken Newquist / December 5, 2005

The much discussed, long-delayed MirrorMask soundtrack is finally reviewed, but not before I spend some time discussing the logic (or lack there off) behind small-press publishers releasing books in trilogy format. I also talk about the Hypertext d20 SRD, an excellent resource for stressed game masters.